Grades 1-3 Specialty Camps

In response to COVID 19, we have made the difficult, yet necessary, decision to cancel all Specialty Camps & Sports Camps during our on-campus programming for Sessions 2, 3, 4. for the 2020 Camp Season. We will not run specialty camps and sports camps this summer to allow for consistent scheduling and cohort groupings. 

Please see our Camp Breck Program for current 2020 offerings. 

During these two-week courses you have the opportunity to explore your specific interests. Classes are intended to be mixed and matched with other offerings at Breck Summer Programs to create the ideal camp experience tailored to each individual child. Mix two half day courses or choose one specialty course to pair with our Camp Breck or Sports Camp programs to create a full day of programming! Our friendly staff will ensure your camper seamlessly transitions from one course to the next. 

Session One: 

June 15-June 26

  Virtual Programming        Coming Soon! 

Session Two: 

June 29-July 10*
*No Camp Friday, July 3

Session Three: 

July 13-July 24

Session Four: 

July 27-August 7