Our Programs

Specialty Camp

Join us on a transformative journey to acquire new skills and knowledge, engage with peers, and pursue your interests, all while having fun! Whether it’s taking center stage, sewing a brand new pair of pajamas, or delving into the world of coding to create your own personalized video game, our exclusive two-week courses provide a unique opportunity for participants to explore their specific interests in a structured and immersive environment. Offering both morning and afternoon options, our programs allows 1st-8th graders to seamlessly blend and match activities, crafting a tailored camp experience that caters to their individual needs and interests. Join us in fostering a culture of continuous learning and skill development, where each camper can unlock their full potential through a thoughtfully designed and customizable camp curriculum.

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Breck Summer Programs offers an ideal setting for individuals at various swimming skill levels. Whether you are a novice swimmer, dipping your toe in the water for the first time, or a seasoned competitive racer, our experienced pool staff provides a dynamic and secure environment for honing your swimming skills. Designed for Camp Breck 1st-7th graders, our comprehensive approach ensures that campers engage in free swim sessions throughout the entirety of their summer experience and continue to stay active. Our program delivers an enjoyable platform for the development and refinement of swimming abilities within a safe and supportive framework.

Signature Camp

Signature Camp offers a dynamic and educational summer experience tailored for campers entering Preschool through 7th Grade. Our carefully curated program ensures that campers, grouped in same-age co-ed clusters of 10 to 16, benefit from the guidance of two seasoned counselors. Camp Breck fosters the development of personal responsibility, community skills, and lasting friendships through a diverse range of hands-on activities including music, art, technology, sports, science and nature, crafts, and recreational swimming*. At Signature Camp, we go beyond traditional camp activities to provide a holistic and enriching experience. Campers have the opportunity to earn Bottle Badges, actively participate in Signature Camp-wide group celebrations, rallies, and more. *Please see swimming page for further information. 

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Sports Camp

Summer is the perfect time to acquire and fine-tune fundamental sport skills and Sports Camp is the place to do it! Sports Camp places a strong emphasis on instilling sportsmanship, fostering teamwork, promoting physical fitness, and facilitating individual development. Through a combination of structured drills and engaging scrimmages, campers have the opportunity to enhance their skill set, dive deeper into their desired sport, and cultivate a genuine passion for the game. Experienced coaches will meet the diverse needs and skill levels of campers, maximizing engagement and growth. 

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